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Model A Speedster... not your typical mess

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So many of these are just hack jobs, but this one has some artistry, and that Riley 2 port is a very nice piece. 

Just needs an engine turned aluminum hood. 


1929 Model A Speedster, highly collectible wooden boat tail, model B full pressure, inserted bearings, rillely two port overhead valves, stronburfg 97 carburetor, 100hp period correct fully tricked out rebuilt engine. Interior is nicely done are tires are new. $29,900, cash only no trades. email: 1dada63fab5639cd813cef15c27942f6@sale.craigslist.org



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I can see a lot of work making that body, and while I admire the workmanship it's really not that attractive to me....the speed equipment is neat and I'm sure valuable, but the engine compartment sure looks scruffy for 30K, I'd expect a tidier look....


But, even though it's not my taste, car salesmen say there's an arse for every seat and I hope this finds a good home with someone who loves it....

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I too can appreciate the work that went into the body but again  - attention to details matters. The treatment of the firewall for instance with pop rivets and exposed edge on the aluminum -  the alternator, While its hard to tell from the photos the upholstery doesn't seem to mach the quality of the body either.


That engine is a visual gem and should reflect that in the detailing - not polished to death but with a neat spark plug wire tube, harness etc. rather than everything just willy-nilly and looking like an old tractor... again... details, details and details.


As for styling.... To me it looks too bulbous. The tail looks too high compared to the front. The Model A always seems stubby to me and seems to add to the challenge of getting it right.


30k?? No.... with a some work??? perhaps.............. but it would have to be high quality, well thought out work.

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Speedsters always seem to channel the past! The typical Model T speedster is usually a later car but done in a style that would be very old fashioned after WWI. By the mid 20's the correct look would be more like a Bugatti. This car seems to take it's inspiration from the Board Track era, which was over by the time the Model A came out. Here's an example: 


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