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1940 International D2 Pick Up

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New to this forum. Appreciate any help.  We have a 1940 International D2 pick up that we have been restoring as original as possible. Need help on a few things. 
- Does anyone know the paint color for the Green Diamond engine?

- Looking for someone who can touch up/paint the front and side emblems. Ours are in decent shape.  
- Looking for a gas cap and steering wheel in better shape than ours are.  3C4BDC30-9C53-49E5-A7BA-29AE67F9BD82.jpeg.0d7772addaedeb90d6072ddbe63fdfb9.jpeg 
- Our hubcaps are in decent condition but we would either like to find someone who can restore them to excellent condition or find some in excellent condition. 

Thanks so much for your help!!



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