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1940 International D2 Pick Up

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We have restored a 1940 International D 2 pick up as original as we could and still need a few things:

- Does anyone know the engine color for a Green Diamond engine in this pick up? We would like to paint it green.  
- Does anyone have any excellent condition hubcaps or know where to find them?  Ours are in good condition but don’t know who to use to restore them.  
- Does anyone have a good condition gas cap or know where to find one?

- Looking for a good condition steering wheel.  

- We would like to repaint our front emblem and side emblems. Anyone know a good shop in the US who could do that?


Thanks so much!


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 Give me the specifics of your steering wheel as I do have a NOS one from that period. Bought a batch of parts from an International dealer back in 1971. The wheel on my 1937 D-2 was still too nice to change out so I kept it. The 1937 D-2 has been gone since 1973. I can then give you photos of mine.

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