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1934 Pierce-Arrow 836A


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I am looking at a 1934 836A. Are there any Pierce-Arrow owners out there that care to share their opinion on their 836A, positive or negative? Are they good driving and reliable tour cars? Why did you buy it and or sold it? Thanks.

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Well, I’d start by saying any Pierce is a great car to own!  I’ve owned eight or so  over the years and now just have one.


The 836A was an attempt to attract a clientele with slightly less money to spend on a quality car.  The next step up in the line was an 840.


Comparison of the 836A/840:


-stamped grill / grill with thermostatic shutters


-no hood louvers / four opening hood vents on each side of hood (though many 836A were converted to add vents)


-deluxe interior / plain interior


-366 cubic inch 135 HP / 385 cubic inch 140 HP


-136 inch wheelbase / 139 or 144 inch wheelbase


There were some other differences but those are main ones.  Still great cars, just slight economies in production cost.

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