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1917 Hupmobile - $8,000 (Valparaiso) not mine

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You have to watch these Hupmobiles. As I understand it, the company was going through another round of management shakeups during those years. The 1917 this model and the 1915 similar but different model designation were virtually identical cars. While most cars changed dramatically between early 1915 and late 1917, Hupmobile stagnated due to mismanagement.

There is a really nice looking one been for sale for a couple years claimed as a 1915, however its serial number is from 1917! A few people have refused to buy it because the pre-1916 claim cannot be substantiated.

Other than a 1910s Hupmobile expert (I am not!)? Checking the serial number is the best way to determine the year model. And I haven't seen the serial number for this one yet.

At least this one isn't being claimed as a 1915. And the price isn't way out of line?

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The car in this thread is a model R. I believe it HAS to be 1917 or newer. Hupmobiles are well documented compared to most makes of that period. It should be fairly easy to establish what year it was made by the car number. 1917 was the first year for the model R. It was popular and remained in production for a very long time.


The other 1917 Hupmobile mentioned was a 1915-1917 model N with a whole raft of 1917 specific features, as enumerated by Max Burke in an old forum thread after he looked at the pictures. It is not the claimed 1915 model K. The K and N are similar to each other and are bigger cars than the model R in this thread. Despite the similar looking radiator, the R doesn't share much of anything with earlier designs. Two dead giveaways: If the car has a sloping windshield and a detachable head it must be a model R. If it has an upright windshield it must be an earlier design (like a K or an N).


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You clearly know more than I do about these cars Bloo! 

My wife fell in love with that other Hupmobile, which we couldn't afford anyway.  I did enough checking to prove to myself it wasn't the claimed 1915 and talked her out of it. For the price they wanted for the car, I wanted the pre-1916, not the 1917 the serial number said it was.

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That 1917 Hupmobile "N" was easy to fall in love with! I don't remember how it was priced, and wouldn't have a clue about it's value in dollars anyway, other than I am well aware that the 1915/1916 breakover is a substantial price difference in nearly any make due to the HCCA national tour eligibility issue. That car was offered at various venues, sometimes accurately represented and sometimes not. I have a big pile of 1915 and 1916 "N" parts that belonged to my father. I have been reading a lot about these cars lately, trying to learn what I have and whether it might be possible for me to finish the project. I still have a lot to learn.

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