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1937 Buick Series 90 Limo


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That is a tough request! In the first place, other than model T and model A Fords (and only some body styles!), along with a small handful of other cars, any real sort of templates for body woodwork simply do not exist for many cars! There are a few restoration specialists that have the experience and skill to do the work, at a handsome and well deserved price.

Secondly, you will need to clarify what you have. A Buick, ANY Buick "limousine" is extremely rare, and probably specially constructed. However, the question begs, do you HAVE a limousine?

The internet is heavily LOADED with bad and totally incorrect information! For every real prewar "limousine" that actually exists? Regardless of year, make, or model? There are probably twenty cars being called "limousine" that would be correctly called "sedan". Part of the problem is that people's perception of a "limousine" has changed. It has gone from a specific body type to mean any larger than average car. Words are supposed to MEAN something. But the powers of the internet often to not understand that. And people, without proper frames of reference, do not know any better. A thousand people using a word incorrectly does not automatically make it correct.

Good photographs would help. However, to get proper answers to your questions, people here do need to know specifically what year, make, MODEL, and specific body model as well as the body manufacturer.

If one wishes to start a spirited debate (argument!) on one of these forums? Just ask for a definition of the word "limousine"! (I am not kidding!) There is a simple and usually correct answer. And there are a hundred general exceptions! And a thousand other exceptions! It never ends!

Generally speaking, for pre-WW2 cars? If it does not have a window dividing the driver's area from the passenger's area? It is not a "limousine". With some English and European exceptions. And if it has a solid roof over the main body area? It is likely some sort of "sedan". Or "brougham".


I hope to see photos soon! Antique automobile people are like little children! We LOVE to look at pictures!


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I assume you are asking about a 1937 Buick Model 90L, or a Model 90LX. In 1937 there were 720 Model 90L 4-Door Limousine Trunk back, 8 passenger and  245 Model 90LX 4-Door Limousine Trunk back, 8 passenger, exported manufactured by Buick. Both of those models used Fisher Body Style Number 4933 bodies. There were also a number of Limited stripped chassis produced that could have been the basis of custom bodied Limousines. Which of those that you have would help determine the best source of information for you, but as far as I know there is nobody re-manufacturing wood for any of those cars. If the wood in your car is not in good enough shape to use as patterns, I may be able to help you find someone with a car that you could look at and take some wood measurements, but I need to know which body style you have to be sure. 


I would also welcome you to check out the 36-38 Buick Club and consider joining: http://www.3638buickclub.org/ 

If you send me your email address via the contact the webmaster link on the 36-38 Buick Club website, I will be happy to send you a .pdf sample issue of the club newsletter.  

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The sources for "kits" to rewood most cars have dried up. If your wood is intact enough for patterns, possibly copies can be made. If not, it might still be possible to have wood made. In the absence of any available "kits", the guy making the wood parts is almost certainly going to need the whole car at his location. You didn't mention where you are, but if you are in the US or Canada, your options seem to be better if you are in the eastern part. I would talk to @chistech, @Restorer32, and @Cabnut for a start. Welcome to the forum!




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7 hours ago, weealfie said:

Can anyone advise of a source for templates for the timber framing in a 1937 Buick Series 90 Limousine or anyone who may have this detail and can manufacture the framing. Thank you.

Where are you located?

We like photos!

How bad/good is it?

Doubt if you will find any templates/pattern.  Just need a very skilled coach builder. And a good credit card.

1937 & 1938 series 80 & 90 bodies are similar (but not 100%). Still have wood frame. Some Cadi's also similar (google 1937 Cadillac). Normally bodies are by Fisher (GM subsidiary)

Other Buick 1937 series are close to all metal bodies. 1936 are wood framed


Would get more responses in  https://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/




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