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1936 Pierce Arrow for sale in Hemmings ?


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Does anyone know anything about the 1936 Pierce Arrow currently for sale on Hemmings?  History, provenance, condition?  I have sent a note to the owner, but just wondered if anyone on this forum is familiar with the car. Apparently the car was purchased from the Pierce Arrow Foundation so perhaps someone knows more about the car than the ad is conveying.


Any comments or observations on the asking price would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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I’m sure someone in the Foundation will answer.  I’ve owned numerous eight cylinder Pierce Arrows, and to me one of the big indicators on such a car is the engine compartment.


While it may go down the road well, I see a lot of under hood modifications, which would bother me.


The interior is usable, but a mixture of old and new.


I’d say over priced, but that’s just my opinion…

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Interesting that I have not gotten any response from the Foundation.  But I did hear back from the owner and may now know the reason why.  According to him, when he bought the car he was "assured" it was ready for long distance travel.  Instead, he had to recore the radiator and repair the cooling system before he drove it.  Then, on his first trip, the head blew so he got a ride home with the car on a wrecker; then had to find a replacement head and have it installed.  That is his side of the story, anyway.  If anyone from the Foundation would like to comment, I would be happy to hear their view.  Thanks.

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