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dynaflow question


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After sitting for 8 plus years, my 55 is running.  Have noticed tranny fluid on the floor.  My first thought was "oh no . Not the front seal"..  

However it appears to be coming from one of the accumulators.  (thats what the service book calls them.) Can I remove them and put new "O" rings to reseal or is there some other procedure that has to be done.  How big of a mess should I prepare for.  

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Spring AND piston behind EACH accumulator plug.  PLUS fluid!


In one respect, a "shade tree" fix might be to thoroughly clean the outer areas with brake cleaner as good as you can.  Then daub some hi-heat silicone sealer on the joint where the suspected seep seems to be coming from.  Let it cure well before starting the motor.  Some might recommend J-B Weld (or similar), but those are much more premanent than the silicone sealer can be.  At least the silicone sealer can be cut and removed whereas the other ones can't, should the need arise to remove those accumulator plug(s).


Just some thoughts,


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