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1982 Seat Upholstery kit

joe c

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I’ve recently received an 82 Convertible Riv.
Unfortunately it was sitting for the last 3 years and infested by mice. It’s time for new seat upholstery and carpeting. Does anyone have information on where to buy an interior kit.
Most of the smell is gone after stripping out the interior completely and a good cleaning and painting the floors. Any tips on getting rid of mice smell would be appreciated too just in case I don’t great results from my attempt. I also have to replace all the bumper fillers front and rear. 
Here’s a picture of my 82A9BCD240-9255-42F2-ADEE-A2DD3261BF58.jpeg.88ac3d5e70fc9f10853f0e59de405113.jpeg93378D87-E7EE-42C8-B3EC-627C4165581B.jpeg.0a7b1bd5298d775d2ff7ad2bbf94553f.jpegThank you 

Joe Camisa

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Be aware that mouse feces dust is EXTREMELY toxic to breath in. Be sure you are using a hazmat rated face mask and gloves when cleaning up any mouse residue.


You may end up having to replace all feces and urine-infected soft surfaces and materials. You might want to consider finding a good donor car for it's interior components to replace those ruined on your car.


FYI, no one makes seat cover kits for this series of Riviera. A good upholstery shop can more than likely reproduce your seat patterns and contours with modern fabrics.


If you are intent on having original fabrics, check with SMS Auto Fabrics in Oregon. They probably have original seat fabric for your Riv. It's spendy but it's original. DON'T order any door panels from them as it may take a year or longer to actually receive them, (if they make them for your car, that is).


If you have not already done so, please consider joining the Riviera Owners Association (www.rivowners.org).


Good luck!

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You'll want to reproduce what you have. I had the seats in my convertible done by a local upholstery shop and they did an excellent job. The back seats are unique to the convertible to allow room for the top braces. The visors are vinyl rather than velour, and the same with the door panels. U les you can find a donor convertible, you'll going to have to take it to an upholstery shop.

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Great advice…thanks to everyone, I did mask up with a respirator and disposal coveralls and gloves. I was hoping someone out there makes a seat upholstery kit but I guess I’ll look here for a shop for custom made.

I’m not fussy on material, thinking I’m just going with vinyl not leather. 



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