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WTB mercury arc rectifier bulb

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Restoring an early GE charger and need the large rectifier bulb that holds several ounces of mercury and is about 18" tall.  Will pay any reasonable or even slightly unreasonable price.  Would happily pay several thousand $ for the correct one.

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I don't have an extra rectifier tube but would like to see a photo of your charger. Here is a photo of mine. I believe I am missing a switch with a black handle that goes on the 3 sets of terminals on the far left edge where the switch could be moved between the middle post and either the top or bottom post depending on which circuit you were completing. It might be similar to the one in the middle to the right of the dual knife switch on the left edge just below the meter. There is one exactly like I need on the far right but it is obscured be the strap.  If you have one or run across one, please let me know.





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It's too bad you didn't post your ad seven years ago.

My dad owns 1900 Waverley Electric and, back in February 2015, an older gentleman brought the mercury arc rectifier shown below over to my parents' house.

We don't remember his name or who referred him to my father.

The gentleman said that the rectifier came from a charging unit that was used with a Woods Electric, that he had it in his possession for many years and wanted to get rid of it.

We turned him down because my dad didn't want a 1/4 cup of mercury sitting on the shelf.

My father is a very good record-keeper and I went through his Waverley files to see if he recorded the gentleman's name and phone number but, unfortunately, he did not.

In any event, the rectifier is probably still somewhere here in the Twin Cities.

Erik Johnson
Minneapolis, MN



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