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Carb ident 1935 Olds sport coupe 6Cy

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I can’t find any identifying marks on the carb. 


Any ideas?

Possibly a Stromberg EX-22

Also, the auto choke linkage doesn’t seem to be hooked up. Car is troublesome to start so Im wondering if that could be part of the problem






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I don't believe you have the correct carb and intake for a 1935 as it looks more like a 1936 to me. 

I have attached  pictures of an original 1935 set up taken from the Service Manual.

Note: The pictured automatic choke system was  prone to failure.

Most owners opted to use a manual pull choke wire from the dash. 



1935 Olds intake and exhaust man.jpg

1935 Olds Intake.jpg

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