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Torque Tube Installation Advice


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The advice is to follow advice to the letter. And this will probably only make sense to someone who has done this.


The pics tell it all. After reading everything available on how to repair the torque ball / rear seal issues with a Dynaflow and how to stuff the torque tube / axle assembly back into my 55 Super I got to it today (after a significant wait for certain parts). The advice that I remember reading was to make a couple of guide pins THREE inches long to guide the assembly back onto the torque ball. I figured that if three inches was good why not do it better with FOUR inch long guide pins to get the tube started a little earlier. What could possibly go wrong?


I was so giddy on getting everything together close enough to draw it in with the top two bolts that I didn't notice the obvious problem with the pins. How do I get them out? No, the axle & tube assembly wasn't coming back out. Once again the pics tell the story. Lesson learned.





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