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For Sale: Austin Collection, 30 cars Panel, Woody, Convertible - $65,000 - Fresno, CA - Not Mine

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For Sale: Austin Collection, 30 cars Panel, Woody, Convertible - $65,000 - Fresno, CA

Classic Car collection in Fresno 30 cars Panel, Woody, Convertible -... (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

Large collection of vintage Austin's (and a few others) right here in Fresno including thousands of new and used parts. This collection took over 25 years to accumulate with many times the asking price invested (health forces sale). The 10,000sf warehouse where they are stored has a transferrable lease that's grandfathered in at a very low price. The lease is currently paid in full until the end of this year.  Please only contact us if you are serious about buying the entire collection.  We will consider a trade up or down for a newer RV or classic car (must be auto, power steering).

Here's what we have:
1948 Austin A40 Dorset (3)
1949 Austin A40 Dorset (1)
1952 Austin A40 Sports (aluminum body convertible)
1948 Austin 40 Devon (1)
1950 Austin 40 Devon (2)
1952 Austin A40 Pickup (2)
1950 Austin A40 Ice cream truck
1954 Austin A40 Ice cream truck
1948 Austin 40 Countryman
1950 Austin 40 Countryman
1953 Austin 40 Countryman
1947 Austin 40 Panel
1949 Austin 40 Panel (2)
1952 Austin 40 Panel
1953 Austin 40 Panel
1952 Austin 40 Woodie
1953 Austin A70 Saloon
1950 Austin A70 Countryman
1950 Austin Atlantic A90 (2)
1950 Austin Atlantic A90 Convertible (2)
1951 Austin Atlantic A90
1952 Standard Station Wagon
1926 Ford Model T
1966 Ford GT Kit Car (vw)
Contact: text(559) two-8-9-5-eleven-8

Copy and paste in your email: 05e97fb8eb22314387186ea735173d27@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this Austin Collection.

'50's Austins CA a.jpg

'50's Austins CA b.jpg

'50's Austins CA c.jpg

'50's Austins CA d.jpg

'50's Austins CA e.jpg

'50's Austins CA f.jpg

'50's Austins CA g.jpg

'50's Austins CA h.jpg

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I know nothing about Austins, but I would think Jack is right about the money making potential with with that many intact cars. The collection may have had some neglect, but at least it's been stored inside...in California, no less. I guess title status on the cars would be a critical issue. I only see one dragster, and for an Austin collection that's pretty good. However, one can only presume that the seller has already tried marketing this stuff to all of his Austin friends and the Austin community at large. Best wishes to him on his sale. 

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A 40 Sports are rare, but in general they don't seem to bring very high prices in North America. The Jensen coachworks is nice, but the Austin chassis is quite basic and rather underpowered.  Most people would rather have something like a MGA or TR 3 . A 90 Atlantics can hit some substantial prices, but a very limited market in North America.

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On 5/17/2022 at 7:48 AM, Billety said:

The Atlantics and the 1952 aluminium bodied convertible ( Jensen) are very desirable in Australia.

Would have more value in UK, Australia and NZ. Many are right hand drive.  But shipping costs for some more than the value.

Noticed 2 UK rego plates. And 1 Austin A40 LHD Somerset (blue-green primer)[not Devon Dorest].  1952 Vanguard Standard Station Wagon is rare.  The ice cream trucks look like cut down cars.

Is a red fire truck/pickup in the background that not in the list/detailed photo. Same for a green A40 pickup. May be AU body-rear window, which is different to the UK body.

But do not have the appeal or value of many other UK brands. For the dedicated Austin fanatic with $$$$. 

As a wild guess the owner was from UK and/or had a close association with UK

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