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Needed: 1965 Full Size pedal pads

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I am working on a 1965 Starfire 4 speed car. My clutch and brake pedal pads are missing. OEM part number 391350. I have attached pictures of a set of pads off of a similar car, and you can see the mold numbers.


No matter what I purchase online that is supposed to fit, they are never close. I'm grasping at straws here.



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You realize you're looking for unicorns? 


65-6 4-speed FSC notwithstanding, 65-70 full-size cars with stick were 2% or less of annual production. The part was still listed as available in Nov 73, and with low demand someone might have a pair stashed somewhere. 


Good luck.

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No one reproduces these pads, if that's your question. The ones in your hands are probably the nicest ones you'll find. If you happen to stumble across someone with NOS ones they will part with, run, don't walk, to the nearest emporium selling lottery tickets.

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