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This is just to let you all know that I'm slowly going through my bins that hold my FIFTY year collection of NOS trim and mechanical small parts for 1939 Buick Specials as I begin easing toward very old age. I'm "only" 83 now and this will be my last Hershey sell-off I'm pretty sure.  Much to most of this stuff is mechanical and fits Series 40, but some spills over to Series 60 and a few pieces will also fit 80-90 cars, but not many, just some of the small trim pieces.  Some of the items are also good used, like a 41 60-70-9 Y-Pipe.  There is also a smattering of 1941 trim parts left over from last year.  Finally some of these pieces also fit through 1955, if they also fit 1939 40 or 1941 70.  At one time I had three 1939 Buick Specials, a 41, a 41C and a 46C.  a few pieces go back to 1937 also.

I hope to bring v.good used rear bumpers for a 41 50-70 and a 41 40-60-90 (this one replated poorly), as well as a new 41-49 reproduction gastank and a good high-speed 41 rear end carrier complete, proven to be good (3.23 for 40-50-60-70).  These last items are available through shipping before Hershey.   Also found a few pieces for a 64 Buick Wildcat and a 69 Electra and a 71 Riviera today.  Will also have some books and showroom pamphlets for the later models.


After Hershey I'll still have at least one each of all of the items I'm selling, as well as a full set of used fenders, nose, hood, trunklid and soforth, as I plan to keep my 39 Buick 41 until I die or almost.  So look for those in 17 more years 😄


Earl Beauchamp, Sebring, Florida


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