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2x CU's too far gone to restore?


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Based on these pictures, it looks like a pair of parts cars. Unless there is a stash of parts that includes at least one set of bumpers. a good grille and fender skirts as well as knobs, trim , headlight doors and parts, tail lights including stanchions, hub caps, windshield frames etc. and that doesn't even look at mechanical parts,   I doubt that you could make one out of these two. However, they could be a good source of parts for your new CV. And I know there are folks in the Airflow Club who may need CU parts. Maybe if they can be had for near scrap price to prevent that from happening .... The other option for them is to be made into Airflow hot rods and I have seen some nice ones made from cars like this.  Original engines and driveline set aside for restorers.  My thoughts after a 50 year acquaintance with these amazing cars.

p.s. - Interestingly I see a leather interior and RHD components unique to Aussie Airflows.

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Hi! I could actually use some small assorted pieces from these cars, if you would be willing to part one (or both of them) out. I do think it's a shame for such cars to be parted out, but help would be appreciated! I'll post a link: 


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