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1954 Ford Customline -Timberville Va -Not Mine

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Buy and Sell Rules

Subject:  Put either "FS" for "For Sale" or "WTB" for "Want to Buy" in the subject line along with the year, make and model, etc.

Tags: Please use the tags provides in addition to putting them in the subject.

Description: Please include the following information in the body of your post: Year, Make, Model, Description, Photos - lots of photos! (strongly suggested), Price (strongly suggested), Location (City, State, Country), Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone)

NOTE: Only 1 car per post. Not an absolute requirement but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Posts not following the rules will

Please note: When the original seller's post expires on CL or FB, there is no further record of this car for members to see. Listings can and do disappear within hours. Many members with comments are prevented from seeing an interesting listing due to time zone, work schedule or other reasons.

Please take the time to post all the info that the "rules" request, not just the listing site banner.

Thank you.

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Car ad photography 101: 

If the car is running and driving, try to photograph it on pavement rather than in a field. Gives potential buyers a little/lot more confidence in the car. (Yes, I know all those famous concourse shows are on fields and lawns, but you know what I mean.) A weathered looking car parked in a grass field with no license plate screams, "Stuck engine!" (or some other debilitating problem.) I'd like to look at this car only because it has a running (and presumably original) 239 Y-Block like my '54. They aren't easy to come by nowadays,


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