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1936 Plymouth $30K Very nice

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$30K seems like "all the money" for one of these, but this does look really nice, and disc brakes do engage a little faster than the old drums, which might lead to more miles per year. 


1936, this engine, fed by a single-barrel Carter carburetor and featuring a 6.7:1 compression ratio, was rated by the factory at 82 horsepower. The car starts readily with the choke pulled and idles quietly with no smoke and no leaks. This Plymouth still feature six-volt electricals. The sliding-gear, three-speed transmission shifts with no issues. Wheels and Suspension: This Plymouth has recently received a suspension refresh and upgrade. The factory front brake drums have been replaced with a Disc-Brake conversion. New front leaf-springs were installed, the wheels were refinished and wrapped with modern Coker White-Wall tires.1936 Plymouth P2 very clean

email: 86909dd0580f3dd9a573cb26e49593df@sale.craigslist.org00I0I_bVITSiq2AVGz_0CI0t2_1200x900.jpg


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Tall money for a Plymouth when some very nice Buicks and Packards have been showing up for $20K.   Gotta lose those fender skirts.

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On 5/9/2022 at 8:08 PM, Brooklyn Beer said:

Looks like they tried to make a Chrysler. Are those airflow skirts ?

No, they're the correct profile for non-Airflow, or Airstream Chrysler products. I call your attention to the rear-most point on the skirts. That little flaired tip isn't on the Airflow skirts. The Airflow skirts are pretty much symmetrical, the back resembling the front.

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pretty bland looking inside and out. I agree the price is pretty optimistic. I don't like fender skirts.

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