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For Sale: 1960 Buick Electra 2-door Hardtop - "Low mileage California car" - "Driver" - Humble, TX - Not Mine

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For sale on Facebook: 1960 Buick Electra 2-door Hardtop in Humble, TX  -  $17,500  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1237050383729447/1960-Buick-Electra-2-door Hardtop


Seller's Description:

1960 Buick Electra 2-door Hardtop

  • Driven 23,000 miles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Exterior color: Gold · Interior color: Brown
  • Clean title
  • This vehicle has no significant damage or problems

Low mileage California car it's a driver lots of recent work















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Well - at least the seller is showing some photos of issues and not hiding them.  No way on the 23,000 mile claim.  While I appreciate that the car has spent it's time in at least 2 warm weather states - California and now a suburb of Houston, Texas - the wear and issues point to a lot more driving and / or poor maintenance.   


And the seller wants $17,500.   From what I see, this would be an excellent candidate for a frame on restoration.  The upholstery can likely be purchased from SMS but SMS has such a horrible business reputation that you are looking at $15,000 plus 2-3 years of waiting for the interior restoration.  


The body with those complex curves and angles?  $15,000 for body and paint easy.  Then we don't know what is underneath or if the motor was rebuilt properly.  Transmission?  


Problem is - seller wants paid driver money on a well sorted 1960 Buick 2 door hardtop and not project money.  I suppose as a complete running driving car if that can be verified, I would go $7,000 tops.   But I don't know, what do others think? 

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I also saw this one on Facebook. Another example of "wash the damn car if you are selling it". Awful lot of rust for a California car, what is hidden beneath? Crazy expensive.

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Agree this is a pile.

Credit to the seller for supplying photos of many of the flaws, but I guess that's better than dealing with disappointed would-be buyers.

Great body style. Too bad it's so far gone.

I wonder where it was in California, and for how long.

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3 hours ago, suchan said:

I wonder where it was in California, and for how long.

Probably in or around the Salton Sea. I only saw rust buckets like this if they were brought into CA from the east coast.

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