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1970 AMC AMX 'Patriot-1' Super Stock 390 CI, 1 of 53 Produced by Hurst

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Something I have always half paid attention to are these superstock AMX cars.   I'm pretty good at auction doublespeak but this seems like it might be legit, but if so the estimate should be a lot more.   Any thoughts?





AMX SS no. 3

Known as “Patriot-1”

Factory transformation from 1969 to 1970 model

1 of 53 examples produced by Hurst

Purchased new by Phillip Frisbie

390 CI V-8 engine

Edelbrock STR-11 cross-ram dual intake manifold

Dual Holley 4-barrel carburetors

Two carburetor velocity stacks

Two carburetor to hood gasket seals

4-speed manual transmission

Four special inner hood panels to accommodate the dual carburetor manifold

Ram air induction hood scoop

Red, White and Blue exterior

Black interior

Hurst shifter

Hurst drag-race shocks

4.44:1 rear axle

Documented in the the Super Stock AMX Registry

Copy of build information

Copies of letters from NHRA and AMC

Copy of AMC performance bulletins

Original California vehicle registrations included

Known far and wide by its “Patriot-1” livery, this 1970 AMC AMX is No. 3 of just 53 examples produced by American Motors and Hurst Corporation for NHRA and AHRA Super Stock drag racing competition. All 53 cars were factory equipped with the 390 CI V-8 engine, a 4-speed manual transmission, a 4.44:1 limited-slip differential and drum brakes. At Hurst, the cars were first prepared for their transformation by pulling the engine, transmission, rear springs, axles, shock absorbers, sway bar and interior. Some parts were discarded in favor of specially fabricated or modified components to maximize straight-line performance and minimize weight.

The 390 CI V-8 received J&E 12.5:1 forged aluminum pistons, cylinder heads modified by Crane, a dual-point distributor with mechanical tachometer drive and tuned exhaust headers. Capping it all off was an Edelbrock STR-11 aluminum cross-ram intake with dual Holley 4-barrel carburetors, all coming together to earn an NHRA rating of 420 HP. The cars additionally received modified transmission gearing, a Hurst shifter and linkage, suspension modifications including Hurst drag shocks, and a functioning dual ram-air hood scoop. The Hurst-prepared SS/AMX racers were instantly capable of 10.70 elapsed times and did very well in competition.

SS/AMX No. 3, Patriot-1 was purchased new from Avenue Rambler Inc. in San Francisco, California, by Phillip Frisbie, owner of Frisbie’s Auto Repair in South Redding. In 1970, Frisbie modified the car to 1970 specs using a special kit supplied by AMC, but when NHRA tech inspectors discovered the factory program, this and other 1969 cars were disqualified, and Patriot-1 was retired to street use. Its true identity was later discovered, and in 2013, Patriot-1 was restored to its original configuration.

Now refinished in the original red, white and blue AMC racing livery with a black interior, it is offered with the correct dual cross ram induction system, including velocity stacks, the inner hood seals and four special inner hood panels to accommodate the dual-carburetor system. Documented in the Super Stock AMX Registry, Patriot-1’s excellent documentation includes a copy of the build information, copies of letters from NHRA and AMC, copies of AMC performance bulletins and the original California Vehicle registrations.



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I always liked this model as well. You'd have the only one on your block.  A rara avis indeed.

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