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Old Bus Description Needed


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There must be a school bus forum somewhere on the web where someone would recognize the body. That doesn't really identify it though. Several body companies existed, sometimes building whole busses, but often building a body on a truck chassis, like this one. Bluebird has been mentioned as a possible body builder. There were others. The windshield is very distinctive, and I would think it would be enough by itself to identify the body maker. The truck chassis may be more trouble. Here is a 56 Chevrolet school bus that seems to have a windshield like that.




I think the truck was probably a Ford. Look here:




These are smaller trucks, but is this your firewall? The two things sticking out of the firewall at the right are master cylinders, one for brakes and one for clutch. They look about right, as does that straight line pinch weld across the front of the firewall.





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That gage cluster is Ford. Round speedometer with 4 smaller round insturments  in an almost square  white panel. Thousands used in the 50s into the 70s in trucks and busses. Very simple design that is easily readable. Think it started in 1957

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8 hours ago, rocketraider said:



This thread is drifting Furthur and Furthur.....  🤪




The firewall will narrow it down because it will match other trucks. It sure is looking like Ford. The trouble is trucks kept a lot of the same body and chassis structure for years in those days. Without the front sheet metal, or even with it sometimes, it is very difficult to determine a year unless you can find an ID plate, as @joe_padavano already mentioned. I would expect there is one from the chassis manufacturer, which might be most useful for determining a year and truck model, and also there is probably one from the body manufacturer. Look all around the firewall outside and inside, around the kick panels inside, and around the door.



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I have seen many of these old bus bodies lined up end-to-end at the autowreckers, mainly used as warehousing for parts.  Not being considered a 'permanent' building, they are not subject to additional property tax.



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