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Early 1909-1920 Wisconsin engines

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I believe Stutz used Wisconsin engines in their production cars and that they made  the overhead cam racing engines as well. I have an old Ballantine book from the early seventies called Racing Stutz that has some details but not very much. It did have a plan drawing of the racing engine.

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You might try contacting Terry Harper  , who's been painfully rebuilding  an old Wisconsin, having to fabricate a good deal of it. He posts here and on other forums--I think Practical Machinist?-- under T Harper and Teery Harper. He should come u on Google; click on his name on any post that comes up and email should open up.

His posts are an education in fabrication; he might have some cogent information about locating parts now for old Wisconsins

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I have some material but not a lot - none of it has specific reference to auto racing. For many years Wisconsin's main focus was in motor boat racing since they were a leading manufacturer of marine engines during that time frame. There are a lot of references that appear in publications such as "The Rudder". etc.


There are a few period publications etc. that have articles related to their efforts in regards to aircraft engines most of which was directed towards military application during WW1. Like many firms competing for Air Service contracts, I doubt if more than a handful were made and I am thinking most of those were used for test applications - though they did get considerable press. 


For a company that supplied engines to quite a few automobile and truck manufactures as well as supplying industrial and marine units there is not a whole lot out there.

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