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1918-1921 Nash Touring Cars

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I have 4 early Nash Touring cars plus extra parts that I just rescued.( the previous owner wanted them gone asap and threatened to scrap them) 3 are 1918 681 and one 1921 691. They all have OHV 6 cylinders and they are very heavy duty in comparison to a T or A ford. I need to move these along to new homes, but I just couldn't bare to see them destroyed.

There are three 1918 681 touring cars and a 1921 691 touring turned depression or war era pickup. 2 of the cars are nice and complete and what i would consider good condition for unrestored 100 year old cars. 2 are what I would consider parts cars or yard art. I am just beginning to haul these home, so please excuse the low number of pictures. I'll be posting more as soon as I can.

1) 1921 691 touring turned pickup. This is probably the nicest of the bunch. It is very complete and has not been taken apart. I believe it is a "ran when parked" scenario and could be put back on the road as-is with some fixing and tinkering. It would have a very cool Beverly Hillbillies look to it. It came out of Montana. $3500 OBO

2) 1918 681 touring. This is also very nice for a 100+ year old car. Again I think this is a "ran when parked" scenario. And could be put back on the road as-is as well. Its a little less nice than the first one. $2500 OBO

3) 1918 681 touring. This is a parts car, yard art, or very ambitious restoration project. This one is from California and is solid metal. But the wood is almost gone and it has fallen apart. It does have all the complete body. And is a "complete" car. Just not whole. I am planing on zip tying it together and offering it as "yard art". $700 OBO

4) 1918 681 touring. This is another parts car. Even more falling apart then the last one...This one is less complete I believe. But I need to sort all the panels first before I make that call. It could be another complete "yard art" car. Or parts. I was gonna list this one at I think $500 OBO

I am open to offers, trades, and/or making a package deal! 
I really just don't want them to sit and rot. Let's make a deal! I'd really love to see something cool done with the 2 nicer cars. They are 100+ years old and I doubt there are many unrestored nash tourings around. Let alone 4 in one place. They are really cool and deserve to be put back on the road or displayed in the right setting!

I'll be posting more photos as I drag them home. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'll do my best to answer then, though I am no Nash expert.

   Cars are located in Bow, Wa. 98232





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