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The Antique Road Test #26

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A new episode of " The Antique Road Test #26" with Walt Gosden and John Salemmo - THE AUTOMOBILE SALON.


I found this interesting and very informative ! Check out their other programs as well !










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Nice to actually see someone from this Forum.   Walt G, as the forum regulars know him does a fine job of explaining the early  "Salon's"

where the wealthy ordered new cars at what we would call a new car exhibitons today.   Thankl you Walter Gosden.

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Very interesting. 

Walt, some questions,

does there exist a complete collection of Salon catalogs? Every year, every city? (At least American)


Are there scans somewhere on the internet that can be looked at?


Do you have an original invitation to a Salon?

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I do not have an original invitation to the salon. I do ( someplace) have a form that was sent to/used by people who wanted to advertise in the salon souvenir programs - very very expensive. Complete collection of Salon programs/catalogs - ( shows were in NY, Chicago, SF, and La.) to my knowledge there is no known library or even private collection that has a full run. My collection is about 90% complete. Due to the limited print run and the audience that got them I am not surprised. All programs were produced by the one company ( located in NY) that organized and arranged for the salons to take place . One man in charge with an office staff. No official lists of exactly what cars were at each salon - but you can track a car starting at the NY salon and follow it west as it was exhibited at the next one if you have the salon catalogs and periodicals/articles that gave reports of the salon in the city it was held in. Lots of time and effort to figure this out !!!  Society magazines of the era ( Vanity Fair, The Spur) had reports of the salons, and one had a auto columnist named Eric Hatch who also gave excellent reports of what was on display. ( will stop typing now as this is turning into an article - should be in a club or commercial publication with photographs - will never be in the AACA magazine as the Editor says they don't have room)

There may be assorted scans of them on the internet , I do not know , to try to scan them all, all pages, without damaging the stapled bound edge would be a chore.


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