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1937 Cadillac Lasalle Opera Coupe - $9,500 (CAMPTON HILLS, IL)

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Not mine...not great pictures but the body looks very solid




Owner email:  0abc66b42ec93f56a6466270bdfd706a@sale.craigslist.org


per owner:  “1937 Cadillac Lasalle Opera Coupe All Original Not Running 

Stored inside up on blocks for 45 years. No rust. Interior has mouse damage.  The present engine is not original. The original was rebuilt long ago but stored wrong and needs to be redone again.  Present engine from a Cadillac Series 60. The original (not installed) is a 322 cu.in V-8 125hp.  60,972 miles”







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Looks like it's all there, and the body seems straight. 

Even if it was free, a buyer would be upside down pretty quickly, but I agree it might be a fun project. Sharp car.

No worries about the replacement Caddy motor. It's common to put one in a LaSalle, as it's basically the same unit as original, with a slightly larger bore. I was offered one with my LaSalle, but I turned it down as I didn't have storage and my original motor was a reasonably fresh rebuild. And if it's a 1936 Series 60 engine, it's actually the same as LaSalle, 322 cu in.

If you're doing to do a 100-point restoration, sure, see what you can do with that rusty lump of an original motor. Otherwise, the Caddy motor is fine if it's in the better condition of the two. Easier to get parts for, and an extra 10 HP doesn't hurt.

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