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1932 Buick valve lash adjustment


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Thanks Bob but I thought.008 was a bit tight especially the exhaust valve so I set them all at .009 hot even though the manual calls for .008. The cylinder head does have hardened valve seats and I run non ethanol fuel but I was concerned about the valves being pounded in the seats with .008 thou lash.

Thanks.  Tony P

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The valve spring loading and low rpm function of these engines should not hammer the valves or seats.  50 series total spring loading is closed 32 1/2 to 42 1/2 lbs. open is 99 to 110 lbs.  60, 80, 90 series is 39 1/2 to 49 1/2lbs closed and 131to 144 lbs open.


your main concern should be that the valves are fully seated when closed.  You will get more pounding at greater lash, but '001" isn't going to make much difference.  Roller cams are more gentle on the valve train than with solid lifters.


Bob Engle

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