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Can anyone identify this part ??

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On a 1936 Plymouth, there is a roughly 3 " x 3 " x 3 " Black Box on top of the Generator, he tells me, with an Autolite tag ---

T D 4301 A and next to it, the # 4 0058272.....


Does anyone know what this is ???

And does anyone have a new one ???


Respond here, please, or call me ---

516 - 485 - 1935 ..... Craig.....

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If you have one, it may still be good. You'll have to have someone who does older electrical parts take a look at it. I don't think they are available new. I may have an old one, I'll look. Dodge may be the same or might work too. Pm Uptowndodge as he may have one.  Here's an old small auto-electric shop up in northweastern PA called Asche Bros. The phone number I have for them is 814-354-2621 and I think it's run by the man's sons now. They use to have a lot of MOPAR electrical parts. Give them a call, never hurts to ask!

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