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1928 chrysler 72 convertible coupe

31 LaSalle

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the steering wheel in my 1928 chrysler 72 convertible coupe is in very poor condition

the horn button advance lever and throttle lever are all missing along with the responding parts

so i am thinking of fitting a wood rim wheel 

is this something that was fitted to chyslers of that period

what other cars steering wheel would fit 

it has a taper and one key

also can i use this car without advance and retard set up and throttle

i have moved the lights to a sperate switch

also would a wood wheel be easy to source and what would i expect to pay for a useable one

thank you in advance for your help


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My 1928 Model 72 roadster has a Bakelite type wheel.  Jay may have a correct steering wheel for your car.  Hatties Garage, Bob Birchill has recast control levers for the center of the steering wheel.

Rob Burchill 240-344-2922, Hatties Garage, Burkittsville MD 21718,

Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955  astheime@ptd.net

1092 Constitution Ave.

Pen Argyl, PA 18072-9706


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