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Beware Scammers on here


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Some on here will disagree with me but that is precisely why I never put my personal cell or email on public websites. 

If you need parts or are selling parts, I'd highly recommend you ask folks to PM you and ONLY deal with known board members with over 100 verified replies in their activity. Additionally, I'd go back and edit all your postings and remove your phone number or it will continue.

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If they want to take the conversation away from or off of the forum immediately, that is a huge red flag. If tell they you to contact a third party off of the forum, who has what you need, that is an even bigger one.


I agree with @30DodgePanel that you should only deal with members who are well known. Keep in mind that most of the parts people advertise for on this forum are not easy to find, and ads can stay up for literally years. I've had an ad up for some used roller 34x4 tires for ages. I can't even remember how long that has been up.


Look in the seller's post history. If the seller is a recent joiner to the forum, and almost every response is to an ad, saying the seller has what the advertiser is looking for, and the makes and models of car that the parts are for are all over the map, then there is a 99.9995% chance it is a scam. This happens all the time. The moderators here are pretty quick about deleting these, but someone has to notice it and report it. People still get ripped off.


It is unfortunate, but people just do not read threads like this. The administrator here had a big red warning banner at the top of the screen for quite a while, with a link to some advice similar to what you see here. I doubt many clicked on it.


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