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Carter 4-barrel CFM ratings


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I am often asked "how big is my Carter carburetor"? Or "do you have a Carter CFM chart"?

Well, there are no exact answers of which I am aware, HOWEVER:

I researched ALL of the Carter prints of which are readily available to me (I still have about 12,000 microfilm frames on aperature cards which I cannot economically justify digitizing) and came up with the following:

If one does a mathematical comparison of published CFM ratings on the FEW that published ratings exist to the total area of the carburetor, one finds that ALL of the published ratings fall in the range from 106.1 to 107.8 CFM per cubic inch of venturi area.

I have charted the total venturii area on the genuine Carter AFB and WCFB carbs which are linked below. I am NOT going to categorically state positively that this approximation is exact; but if one would like a reasonable approximation that is probably much closer than most internet guesses, multiply the listed total venturi area by 107.




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