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upholstery supplier help needed for wire-on end caps


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Wow! Those interior corner caps are neat!  

I have only various end caps for exterior welting for tops and metal top trim...there are some end caps  for old Fords that cover the seam of front header exterior  trim metal to the drip moulding..but one end I think had a little slot to slide over the drip moulding a bit.. 

You may be able to fill that slot with solder.

 I would use sheet metal trick and make the hard wood block mold and use/ bash the right diam  metal bar stock to form and touch up with other tools of distruction ,method.

 But I'm not that fussy here.

 You'll work it out..

  I have this approx 1/2"wide have round plated old  trim metal that maybe you can  miter with a small sheet brass backing soldered on and then drill your hole.. 

You can pinch it or flatten some to change the width.

A several feet available...I can just mail you some in a tube if you want to try something..? 


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