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Rolls-Royce Phantom III - It's V-12 Engine, Chassis and Coachwork


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Another PIII story...


I was down in Exeter, RI with my friend E.A. Mowbray and his son, Drew, to look at a model A Drew was interested in. While we were there someone told us there was a RR for sale a few streets over. When we were done, we went to take a look. It was parked in a driveway with the hood up. The first thing I noticed was that it had a big, 6-cylinder engine it it! The seller wasn't much help...he called it a "Phantom one-eleven" so it was clear he was out of the loop as far as knowing anything. The body was one of those awkward  English sedans with the roof over the driver cut off to make it into a "town car". We stayed just long enough to be polite.


Years later I read an obit in a British car magazine praising the fellow who came up with the idea of putting a Bedford truck engine in a PIII. According to the magazine, this had saved many of them from a trip to the breakers yard since it was pretty generally assumed that a PIII engine was scrap if it had any problem at all. All this was long before the time of "investment" cars. Old car enthusiasts were just that...and usually didn't have piles of disposable cash so the writer may have had a point but I'd never heard of it save that one example I'd seen.

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