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1924 special six crank hub removal

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Due to a series of water pump related issues, I find myself needing to remove the crank hub to remove the rear section of the water pump. 


I have a spare hub and have looked at it as well as looking at the one mounted in the car. To me, it looks like you just use bolts in the threaded holes in the hub to push it off of the crank snout. I didn't want to try this without at least asking if anyone in here has experience with it first, for fear of causing damage. 


My radiator is already removed from the car, so that's not in the way at all. I also believe I have all parts required to make the repair correctly, so that's another plus. 


Once the hub is off, I have a few other questions:


1, how do I get the hub back on? 


2, for the rope seal in the packing nut, I have both graphite impregnated felt and regular felt. Which one would be better to use? 


3, how much slack should be in the starter chain after reassembly? 


4, with the hub off, what would be good maintenance to it before reinstalling it? Both of my hubs operate properly as far as the starter sprocket sprags go. But neither look to have ever been apart. 




Sorry for the long post with many questions, and thanks in advance for any information. 



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Well to be fair, I stopped in today around 3:45 or so. I didn't find anybody. But I did look at the big six engine I traded off to you guys and learned a bit. I also was able to get in touch with DJ and think I can get the job done now. 

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