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Lincoln Continental Cabriolet Year

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Hi all, I recently acquired a what appears to be postwar cabriolet, however the vin stamped on the frame is H131520, and from the little bit of research I've had time for that seems to indicate a '42. It also has an offy twin carb intake. The body plate isn't mounted where it should be. The grill, while straight, is extremely deteriorated, and I've been down that long and laborious potmetal road before.... Frankly I prefer the '42 front end, however any insights into why this car would have this front clip would be helpful. Repair from crash maybe?.. Also, would the entire clip need to be replaced or are hood fenders etc crossover pre to post war? Availability of '42 front clip? I haven't picked up the car yet but went and visited it last week. It was raining and outside under a tarp at the present time, (although it has been in long term dry storage) so I didn't get into it that much. Trunk full of parts including disassembled tranny. I should have the car home by the end of this week and have more info to provide including pictures. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello Pat, I see from your post --#1 , this is your 1st post on the website; welcome!  This is very interesting..... because I came across the same thing back in  4th week of Dec. 1965! This is when I got into the old car hobby.  I purchased what I thought was 1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet from a small used car lot in Essex , Maryland.  When I got the car home, things did not check out just right.  If you can get a hold of an early "MOTORS AUTO REPAIR MANUAL"  , it will be a great help. I have a 1935-1951 edition and it states under Lincoln that  the 1st . serial for '42 is  H129691  and the 1st 

serial # for '46 H series Lincoln is  H136255.  I think you have ,perhaps an updated 1942 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet! My car was H131762.

Are your windows vacuum controlled or elect/ hyd.?  Check the top motors-are they electric or elec./ hyd? If you look down on the front crossmember on the driver's side the serial # is stamped on the cross member. You will have to lightly sand the paint/ rust off the # should be there. Also on the driver's side frame back just above the gas fill pipe, the # is stamped here also.  To bad you don't have the body plate mounted on the firewall, this will give the model # and the production count. There were only 136  '42 Lincoln Continental cabriolets built before WW11.  Apparently your car and my car were "updated" '42's.  After the War ,anything with 4 wheels were put on the road until auto production was up and running. The 2 carb manifold is aftermarket--- but don't get rid of it!!! You may want to use it later. The '42 grille sections are all stainless steel. The same front fenders 

will fit. You'll find holes drilled or  torched to take the post war grille sections.  What hood ornament do you have ?  Do you have a gold finish around your clock and speedo ? That's all for now --- Larry


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Thanks for the reply! This is the first Lincoln I've owned but I've been playing around with old cars for a good long while, mostly prewar or early postwar.  I should get her home this week and get a better idea of what exactly it is. I learned the hard way a long time ago not to start looking in boxes etc. with the auctioneer standing there... I have Motor manuals galore, I'll dig into them shortly. Were any lincolns produced during the war? I once had a Packard that was painted Army green and the vin was between the last '42 and the first '46, I was told some staff cars were produced during the war, although a cabriolet seems a little ostentatious. Thanks again for the info, this one might have to jump the queue ahead of other projects. I'll get some pictures and more info up in a week or so. 

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On 4/24/2022 at 12:45 PM, larry butcher said:

The '42 grille sections are all stainless steel.



Except for the vertical center bar.


Also, the '42 bumpers were slightly different. Hopefully they weren't modified to look like postwar bumpers.

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Correct West!  The center section of 1942 Lincolns and Continentals were a die cast ( Pot metal) ! I had several at one time. The front bumper on the '42s  did not wrap around as much and the bumper guards were different. Pat , take a look at the pics  on this website. Send some photos when you get a chance   

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Alright, got her loaded and to the shop. Body number was on firewall above battery tray, reads 26H-56-23, there is another tag under all the dust upper center of firewall that has been painted over, I will try to get that tag cleaned and read soon, just buried with work right now for the next couple weeks. Right kingpin is seized so loading on a trailer was interesting with the tires turned hard left. Overall complete, vestiges of blue paint under the red repaint. Surprisingly decent interior.  Damage to the grill is the worst part, no serious rust, (Nevada high desert, inside a storage unit). Dual carb square script Edelbrock intake with two lincoln carbs. Engine turns over by hand.  My Motor manual states that '46 cars built before January were built on '42 chassis, which I suppose would explain the vin. Is there an actual engine number on the engine somewhere? Did the engine number relate to the vin in anyway? I see conflicting info on that on the internet. Thanks all for your expertise and interest, this one will be fun.









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