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are Airstreams still available?

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Are 1936 DeSoto Airstream coupes still available for sale or have they also reached stratospheric price and rarity levels like the 1934 Airflows?  I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time even searching for one.  Of course, everything is for sale if you name a high enough price.😉  I love the look of both the Desoto Airstream and the 34 Airflows when they still had that waterfall grille.

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Both Chrysler or Desoto?

Actually, Its probably one of the last reasonably priced collector cars available.  These cars along with the Chrysler Airstream, were only made one model year (and a half, if  you want to count the re-badged 35's).  They have no following to speak of.  Few people know of them or anything about them.   Special interests buys guides do not give them very high values.   Coupes bring more value.   What this also means is , they can be very hard or very expensive to restore, becasue many parts were one make, one model years only.  Therefore over the years lots of them got scrapped or hotrodded.   A very fine line between to much and not enough demand.  The supply is a given at this stage.  

   I have  a coupe and a sedan.  Lots of people who are very knowledgeable in the auto industry, have absolutely no interest at all in my cars. The few that do, always ask its value.



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Thanks for the reply, Eric.  I can't understand the lack of interest.  They are really sharp looking cars and the sedans were pretty common as taxis, were they not(or was that just in the movies)?  I am discovering these cars late in the game, I guess.  I wish I knew back in the 80's what I know now.  The coupes are definitely the more appealing to me.  Being only one year makes them a tough find.  That's what I discovered with the 34 Airflow coupes which are scarcer than hen's teeth.  Do you ever see unrestored or just rougher looking ones available?  I wasn't looking for a "trailer queen" but rather, a car I could drive here and there and not panic if a pebble hits the body.  The DeSoto hood design is particular appealing.  I don't believe the Chrysler had that same design, did it?  I'm also looking for the 6 cylinder engine of the DeSoto, which I guess the C7 also did have.   Six is plenty big enough to tackle.  You are fortunate to have TWO!

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