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1930 Triumph Super 7

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I 've just purchased this car and I'm seeking some advice.

The name of a supplier where can I buy brake shoes plus wheel & master cylinders from?

Is there a owners manual & workshop manual available online or for sale?

I can't find a level plug for the gearbox oil, is there one? (original 3 speed).

Is this the place a request for any other parts I might need?


Thanks in Advance



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Hi Al thanks for your reply.

Yes I have got it running, drained the oil and a big slug of sludge starting oozing out at the end so removed the sump and cleaned the crud out.

Starts very easy, I left it running on 4 jacks in top gear at 30 mpg for 30 mins. The radiator is working correctly (even with no water pump and in the garage). Drained that and filled with antifreeze. Only takes 2 litres of engine oil with no filter on car.

Looks like the brakes need a full rebuild and unfortunately its a 4 wheel hydraulic so master cylinder as well will need done. A lot of cars of this era where cable or rod brakes but I'm sure they will be brilliant brakes when completed. I haven't got a lot of history on it (deceased estate) but going by the UK website there is only 50 (not counting cut down racers) on the road examples left.

Here are some inside pics taken for the previous owner.

Hard case instruction for the brake fluid!

Lovely glazed Headlight and side light lenses.

No key, just a switch?

I see the recommended oils chart, I wonder what "Mobil C" is for the diff and gearbox?




New Zealand


Rear Seat.jpg


Dash & seats.jpg


Brake id plate.jpg

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