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1960 Velorex $12,000 (Danville / San Ramon, CA) Not Mine

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Not Mine.  




This is one make I had not heard of before seeing this ad.  Apparently, Velorex was made in Czechoslovakia.


Craigslist ad:


1960 Velorex
350cc Jawa twin cylinder air cooled engine. Rear wheel drive two seat convertible. Engine was recently rebuilt. It's street legal and the registration is current. It has a clean title. Here's an opportunity to own a unique, fun vintage three wheel drive convertible. Asking $12,000 or best offer.


1 00I0I_aws1j1j5oyKz_0ww0oo_600x450.jpg

01717_4azwliKGo9Qz_0ww0oo_600x450.jpg 00e0e_dB7EyQv9paFz_0tS0mu_600x450.jpg

00U0U_dZmC0o8xYijz_0ng0iw_600x450.jpg 00I0I_9b4JvmemXp1z_0ww0oo_600x450.jpg

00909_9PB5lLPxolYz_0ww0oo_600x450.jpg 00S0S_lpgpFeJJ1fsz_0ww0oo_600x450.jpg


Not Mine.  I have no personal interest in the sale of this 1960 Velorex.    

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Not sure if this one would get you there in the first place OR take you home either!


I'm diggin' the dual exhaust though, certainly must add something... Just not sure what.


In all seriousness, I really like all manner of funky cars. It's so much fun to see these crazy contraptions and ponder about driving them.  



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The dual exhaust was because of the TWO cycle engine and its need for scavenging . 

   Checzslovakia was a socialist economy and the average worker didn't have the money for an automobile . If you had the money , you put your name on a list and waited years for a Skoda . Like a VW Rabbit or Lada .You had to be a high party member to get a Tatra and that was only loaned to you.

   A majority of Velorex users were WWII disabled veterans and the cars came equipped with full or partial hand controls . Vets were subsidized to purchase one . The hand controls are still available today , but seldom used . The cars were seldom exported to other eastern bloc countries and never to the west . There is a large meet in the Cheche Republic every year and Germany has a very large club with website to support members . 

    It's funny to us today only because we never had to live as they did .

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