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1937 REO Restoration help needed!


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I was asked if I could help fin someone that could take this project to completion. This truck is original to the property here in Napa California and the current owner wants it to be nice enough to share with others. He had sent the complete original 1 ton flatbed to a person that did quite a bit of good work on it before covid got him. All the cab metal has been "restored" to paint, but not re-nailed to all the new wood framework. All the wood has been formed but not final fitted to the metal. NONE of the cab or doors have been reassembled to the wood or each other in any way. Entire chassis is all apart and cleaned, some is in bare metal, some has a coat of sealer. Owner knows this is a BIG commitment of time and money. He is committed to see it through. 

The completed truck will represent one of the local Napa Valley wineries.

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2 hours ago, nickelroadster said:

 A few pictures might be good also.  Sometimes a shop can be be reluctant to take over a project and would rather redo a lot of the work.

Picture of a pile of parts--- difficult when it is all loaded and covered inside a borrowed enclosed trailer, each part carefully wrapped in blankets. I do agree and understand, but imagine a 1920's T sedan with every sheet metal part cleaned, repaired, painted. AND a wood kit "assembled" but not fitted and nailed..... This is still a huge project. And out in California.. Not easy to decide what next. 

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