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Gorgeous 42 Clipper up for auction soon

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I absolutely love these cars! This one's coming up on the May Raleigh auction. I figure it will bring at least in the upper 40's what do you guys think?

I could swing it but would take "a chunk" out of my retirement cash. Although I'm not making any int in the bank, but just recently dropped 12k rebuilding a V12 (other brand). 

 Sure would love to own her, someday I would like to own a Packard. Must be very nice out on the hwy? 

 What's my point of this post? I would kind of like to know what you guys think it will bring on auction day? I'm sure there's better auto investments other than an old Clipper, some cars of the 50's or of course muscle cars. But there so beautiful! Sorry I can't provide a link to this car. Thanks.

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