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Old Truck Earning Their Keep

Jim Bollman

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My old trucks don't get used for there original purpose very often but today I took my F1 to a church meeting then picked up 20 bags of mulch and 8 bags of river stone to freshen up the flower beds. Always makes a hit at Lowe’s when I use an old truck for what it is suppose to be used for. Young guy that loaded it for me was concerned he was over loading it. I told him it wasn’t possible to over load it with what he was putting on it. The mulch got the springs down to where they were still an inch from touching the over load springs. The 8 bags of stone brought it down to just touching the overloads. I then drove over and did early voting, it was an even bigger hit there. Must have been a couple of dozen candidates and their supports hanging around just outside the limit waving signs. All giving me thumbs up. Several talked to me in the parking lot and said I was their favorite voter transportation and told stories about their Father/Grandfather’s trucks. Parked it under the carport when I got home, I’ll unload tomorrow.

50F1-Loaded 4-20-22.jpeg

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