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1929 Speed Six Bentley


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If you would like a fun vicarious ride, watch this video of a 1929 Bentley, driven well. Compared to most of the other cars, it is a behemoth. You can tell the driver is having a great time, at one with his car.


What is the white car that passes the Bentley as if it were standing still, at about 1.50 minutes into the video? I’d like to get close to that car.


There are several drivers of other impressive cars that seem to show respect to the Bentley - one proud car and driver to another. See the action at 7.4 minutes and also at 13.13 minutes.


Look at the radiator cap and the right front fender, and note how stable the car is at speed. This car is pre - synchromesh. Listen to the up-shifts and down-shifts. This is a well set up car!


I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have.





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1 hour ago, Bud Tierney said:

Did Bentley actually name their car the Speed Six???   How crass...one would have expected the Quick Six, or perhaps even the Very Quick Six.

I suppose that in 1929 some standards had to be relaxed...


Speed Six is the correct nomenclature. Fantastic cars.........

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Speed six used the three rod set up………..and it’s different than a normal rod. Basically it has two big ends……and two struts that flex and have spring thrust washers that allow for even more give……….the entire set up is very interesting and looks funky……but works quite well. It’s my understanding that it generates a lot of heat from flexing in the thrust washers…….like valve springs do……..it’s not too fussy of a set up as I have seen an engine go 100k without and issues or service to them. They are a great engine……complicated, and unforgiving if you take short cuts, but properly done by qualified craftsman they hold up as well as a 350 Chevy…..at fifty times the cost to rebuild.

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