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**** SCAM ALERT **** CarHaus LLC Pharr TX


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Someone alerted me this morning to an ad being run by carhaussales.com in Pharr, TX which lists my Zenith Blue 97 (sitting in my garage here in CT) for sale using pics and description from a 6+ year old Craig's list ad. They have three other 993's listed, all of which are bogus as well, taken word-for-word from previous sales. So I called Carhaus. I asked about the 97 Zenith Blue 993 they had for sale. I wanted to see if maybe it was a mistake, or maybe if it was a bait and switch. Nope. He proceeds to tell me all about the car, - great shape, running perfectly, yada, yada. I said "Yeah, I know, that's my car". He hung up. I emailed to tell him the other 3 993's were also scams. I filed a report with the Pharr, TX police dept. Total Scam. Beware.
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