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1929 Oakland $7,500 PA

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Here is the correct CL link:




Here is a good write up about this project on Barn Finds:

(The BarnFind write up asks some good questions.  worth the read IMO.)





Just my opinion: Looks like a decent survivor was taken apart 50+ years ago when orphan 1929-1930 open cars were the hot ticket at Hershey Show-day.  Much work was done at first, but then not touched in at least 40-45 years.  Pics hint that the seller bought it as an estate total basket-case then bolted some of it back together to resell?  Geez, living too close to Hershey, the first guy bought new Lester tires WAY WAY long time ago by looking at the rotted wrappers.


How many people are left alive that prefer that era, and then how few of those are still actually willing/able to deal with it's current state? Sad to see yet another abandoned uncommon early open car project.  We will see more and more in the near future.





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It’s been around for a while too. Maybe a year. Maybe longer. I think I saw it advertised even before the current seller got it and loaded it into his pickup. 

I have an illness that makes me like impossible projects like this. I like the Oaklands and a cabriolet would be pretty cool. All that said, I’d pay $2,500 if the guy dropped it in front of my garage. And even then it would be a labor of love guaranteed to cost money, blood and frustration.

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