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Chandler Big Six - gen'l info and support ?

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A friend has put me onto a '26-'27 Chandler Big Six, and I am trying to learn some basic info about the car, beyond "Fred Chandler left Lozier and started his own car co. in Cleveland, etc" (which seems to be about the limit of the interweb...).

I am hearing that the late Big Sixes have issues with pot-metal parts disintegrating, I am curious as to whether this is limited to decorative pieces such as radiator mascots, window cranks, etc., or if it extends to more critical components such as mechanical parts (eg: carburetors, oil-pumps, etc.).

Are there any sources for repro Big Six parts ?

Thanks for any help you can provide! 

De Soto Frank

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

I don't have pictures yet.

I do know that the oil pump body (protrudes from the driver's side of the crankcase, between the oil-fill hopper and the carburetor, and has two lines running to it) has a network of spiderweb cracks in the visible potmetal casting, this usually indicates imminent self-destruction.

Also, the fan pulley down on the crankshaft has several "bites" out of the vee-flanges, also due to potmetal disease.

The carburetor has been replaced by a later Carter updraft unit from a cab-over-engine truck ( common substitution from crumbling potmetal carbs).

How about water pumps ?

Have any of these parts been reproduced?

I am trying to get a feel for whether I have the resources to conserve this vehicle, if there are any club-reproduced parts available for diseased potmetal originals, or if one needs to be a Jay Leno, with bottomless pockets and a fully-equipped shop & staff.

I'm not trying to be a smart aleck... I know this vehicle isn't "easy and cheap" like a Model A or T Ford, or even an early Chevy.

I have Lackey's book on order; probably won't arrive for a couple weeks. 




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Frank I am not aware of anyone making replacemnet parts for the Big 6. There were some replacement oil pumps made for the Standard 6 a while back, but they are different engines I think.  The Pulley should be rather straight forward to get made by a machinist.


The carb is probably a Carter BB-1, one of the more common carbs used as a replacement. My 1914 Chandler has been running one for years.


Did you buy the car recently? One of the two Chandlers recently in the Buy/Sell section? 

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I have not bought anything.  I am trying to do some research, so that I don't wind-up getting in over my head.

I want to send you a PM regarding, but apparently I have not yet reached the minimum requirements to send PMs on the Forum.

If the system permits, perhaps you can send  me  a PM ?



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