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1935 second series KC barn find. Help needed.

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I just scored this beauty out of a barn in northern CA.    It’s quite straight and solid and the engine turns, that’s the good news.  As you can see in the photo, though, it has some authenticity issues that I’m hoping some of you experts can help me with.  They are, in order of priority:

1). Rims.  Is 17”, 12 hole, artillery wheels what I’m looking for and where might I find such?

2). Hub Caps.  Need 5

3). Headlights.  What’s correct and who’s got ‘em?

4). Fuel tank.  Existing one damaged.

5). Door latch spring broken.

6). Front right bumper bracket.  Might be able to straighten existing?


I’m thinking mechanically restore and cosmetically preserve that patina.  You’re thoughts?


Thanks in advance for info, ideas, and comments.


Plymouth, CA grape grower.


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I thought they were 16” wheels on that truck but not 100% certain.  Get the wheels before getting the hubcaps to ensure fit.  My 1937 MC pickup had clips to hold the hubcap. Some earlier wheels had clips built in to the hub cap.  Great find!

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How badly damaged is the fuel tank?  I cut mine open to re-secure the baffle.  It hadn't had fuel in it for more than 10 years so I wasnt concerned about exploding.  There are some after-market tanks that would fit, but didnt see any with filler tube in correct location. 


16" artillery rims would be correct for your truck.  I'm looking for some for mine.


Door latch springs can be found at Bernbaums or Robert's Motors, or even on ebay.


I've seen photos of 35 KCs with different headlight buckets. I opted for Depress Beam ones as they seemed to be on most of the photos I found.



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