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1931 Buick Series 60

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9 minutes ago, AARon AF said:

Perhaps I will keep it and cut up an original Survivor with independent suspension and a big block Chevy

Yeah, that will really stick it to those of us here who are only trying to help you describe it accurately to help you sell it.  Sheeeeeeesh!

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The heading and tabular data parameters are a problem with FB and even eBay, but you can explain in text of ad.  That said, you call it in a phaeton in your ad *text*, which led me, at least, to try to inform you of the correct body style nomenclature.  While I'm at it, sadly CCCA (the forum you selected) doesn't recognize Series 60 as "Full Classic."  Don't be upset about that, I had a 1934 Series 50 (smaller than yours) happily for decades and it didn't bother me.


To try to help with your sale, I suggest you enter your FB link into Buick For Sale and Buick pre-war, which is where you'll find people who don't give a rip about the CCCA not accepting cars they like.  If it were me, I'd also add some text and photos in my Forum posts, as well.

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