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1949 Chrysler Town and Country Windscreen Installation help

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Life has gotten in the way..............

After 8 years I am soon to install new Windshield Glass and new Gasket in my 1949 Town and Country.  (Disassembly was 8 years ago) 

I am seeking knowledge of how to do this.

I reviewed the Chrysler Master Tech-1951 Volume 4-4 Windshield Service.  Is this accurate?


Does anybody have some guidance they would like to share?


I am assuming:    (using soapy water and spray bottle)

   Shiny Trim pieces into the Gasket  both sides

   Glass into the Gasket   both sides

   Install "tug" rope terminating at the bottom

   Lift and locate entire "assembly" over the pinch weld opening of the windshield frame opening.

   Soapy Lube the entire area

   Set the bottom along the entire lower edge

   Start the rope tug from the bottom to one of the sides ensuring there is somebody on the outside pushing the glass.

   Work up to the Center top then start the other side.


Am I thinking correctly?   How much beer is needed for this?




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Steele rubber molding? I remember such for a 1940 Chrysler back in 2001 was too thick and when the experienced handsman applied force to wiggle everything into place, the original windshield broke. It was the first windshield he had broke in 20 years, he told. Faulting the windshield, we then had two new made (flat glass) which would not fit into place no matter what. Ended up grinding a few millimeters off each new windshields to get everything in. If the old molding is around, I recommend to compare the thickness with the new.


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