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What is the value-- 89 Kingswood Estate wagon --- fair condition

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Welcome to the forum.

As to your question...  DEPENDS. "Fair" condition is relative. More photos would help.

Here is what NADA has to say about it:  https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/1989/Chevrolet/Caprice-Classic/4-Door-Station-Wagon/Values


The broken trim, the dried out plastic behind the bumper... don't bode well to its value however.  Probably on the lower end of the price spectrum.


If you really want everyone's opinion post more photos.


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I would not underestimate the following that those big GM wagons have, and the money that they can command. It really is not fair to place a price on ANYTHING from the photo given from the OP. I sold an 87 several years ago for $8K though an ad in our magazine within a week. Remember these were the cars many 40+ year old's grew up with as the family cars and there are not many left. All three of my son's remember our Buick Roadmaster Wagon for the great family trips, while I remember it for $2500 transmission jobs. 

I think more photo's and info is needed for fair guidance on a price.

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The presentation of your item means a lot to the sale.


Was there a reason you couldn't start the car and move it out of the garage to get a decent picture?


If that is the best you can do and a neighbor bought it for $600, then cleaned it up took good pictures, advertised where he had to pay, and got $3500, you'd think he took advantage of you. Call him one of them durned flippers.


When things look like they have no value to the seller it is hard to find a buyer. Go back where I wrote $3500, some guys in Georgia like those wagons and will spend a lot on them.

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These wagons do have a following as John pointed out. I really hated when my Olds Custom Cruiser finally turned up its toes at 413k miles. Leaky transmission and rear end, plus brakes and tires added up to more than I could justify spending. It was the last roadgoing one here, and there used to be dozens.


The worst thing with the 81-later B wagons is with the Chevy 305 and Olds 307 they are horribly underpowered. They are otherwise great cars. The J and certain other platforms damn near ruined GM's reputation but the B and C cars were and are good cars.


Bumper fillers are available as is all weatherstripping. All 77-90 full-size GM wagons are identical from the windshield and cowl back. The individual Divisions got creative mating their front doghouses to the corporate wagon body.


I've decided my next wagon will be a 71-76 GM Clamshell. Talk about hard to find a nice one- demolition derbies took most of those.


We were at a Carlisle show several years back and a big 80s Colony Park came rumbling thru. Boy I dug that thing too!



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