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Model 20 Spare Tire and Luggage Rack Brackets - Casting Project


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Hi to the Model 20 Brigade,

Art Morra has been kind enough to lend me his pattern for a Model 20 spare tire bracket and hinge for the luggage rack (see attached photos). The spare tire brackets (x2 per car) are bolted to the rear of the chassis (see inserted photo) and the luggage rack hinge is pinned to the end of the spare tire bracket (see attached photo of a car with the rack fitted). I understand that these items were optional extras for the car. Some cars were fitted with nothing, some the spare tire brackets only and others also had the luggage rack. I am going to get quotes to have some cast for my car and want to check if there are any others interested in acquiring these items. Based on interest levels, I can report back with a cost quote. I will not be looking for any profit on the project.... purely cost recovery.


Please note that you will need to do some basic finishing work on the castings. Most significantly, you will need to cut the apertures for the leather straps that hold the spare tire to the brackets. You should be able to do this work with a hand drill and small round file. Additionally there will be holes to drill for fitment to your chassis. Nothing too complex or arduous.  At a later time point, I can provide photos and measurements for locating the brackets on the chassis. Art also gave me a plan drawing for the luggage rack which I can also share.


Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in the spare tire brackets (x2 per car) or luggage rack hinges (x2 per car) or both. I can then report back on cost.





1910 Hupmobile Model 20 for Sale | ClassicCars.com | CC-1272684


Hupp Casting 1.jpg

Hupp Casting 2.jpg

Hupp Luggage Rack.jpg

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