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1953 Nash Ambassador, Excellent Condition, in Arizona

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I'm no Nash expert, but this 1953 Nash Ambassador

4 door sedan, for sale for $15,000 in Tucson, Arizona,

appears to be in excellent condition.


Here are the link, the ad, and the all-important contact

information copied from the ad:




Contact:  Bob

Call or text:  (five hundred twenty) 906-4131


"Baby Blue Nash ,LOCATED IN TUCSON, 6 cylinder , 3 speed on the tree , restored , new headliner , new upholstery , aluminum radiater , engine rebuilt , fender skirts , cool lady mascot , dummy spotlights , converted to 12 volts , original working radio , ahuga horn."



1953 Nash Ambassador 1.jpg

1953 Nash Ambassador 2.jpg

1953 Nash Ambassador 3.jpg

1953 Nash Ambassador 3a.jpg

1953 Nash Ambassador 4.jpg

1953 Nash Ambassador 5.jpg

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9 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

This is the factory-correct hood ornament

I have seen on this era of Nashes.  Note that

the woman is reclining, not sitting up:


junk--1953 Nash hood ornament.jpg

Those Nash hood ornaments were styled by George Petty, famous at the time for his cheesecake 'Petty Girl' fashions.

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I really like these Nashes - I think that the appearance of this one could be helped by removing the fender skirts.  If it were mine, I would consider getting rid of the whitewalls.  It seems like the wheels and tires appear too small for the openings.

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I have a soft spot in my heart (and possibly in my head) for Orphan makes, but have always found Nash styling really odd - it's like where Hudson during this time got it right and was more sophisticated and polished, and Nash was the homely cousin that didn't get to the same level.  

I've always thought those hood ornaments on them were made out of sympathy for the Nash owner, as no girl who looked like that in real life would likely ever choose to take a ride in one 😉

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